Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful for volunteers

At this season of counting our blessings, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge how grateful all of us at GardenShare are for the many individuals and organizations that support our work.

GardenShare is primarily a volunteer organization - volunteers do a little bit of everything that it takes to make an organization run, from office work to planning events to speaking to organizations.   Here are profiles of just a few of the great volunteers who make our work possible:

Maria Corse

Carol Pynchon

Anneke Larrance

Liz Hills

And what do volunteers say about their experience at GardenShare?  Here's one example:

I volunteer for GardenShare because I believe that good foodand access to at the core of so much that is important in the lives of individuals, communities and ecosystems.  GardenShare is important to me because we endeavor to build community, promote small and sustainable efforts, and also because I love to eat good food and want to share that joy with others.  - Margaret Harloe 

With a mission as vast as GardenShare's - to solve the problem of hunger - we need all of the help we can get!  If you'd like to volunteer, please visit or get in touch with us!