Monday, December 22, 2014

Saying goodbye to friends and coworkers in Connecticut

It's been a long season of last this and last that for me in Connecticut.  And Friday was my last Foodshare staff holiday party.  I was afraid it would make me cry, but in true Foodshare fashion, they made me laugh until I cried!

To mark my departure from Foodshare, we played a game of Foodshare Feud, with questions about my new home in Canton, NY and my new job at GardenShare. Former Foodshare staffer, Ernie Pitti, joined us as our very nattily dressed MC! Amazingly, though the questions were all about me, the staff won the game!

But I'm the one who received a prize! Unbeknownst to me, the staff at Foodshare had been collecting old t-shirts and memorabilia from past Foodshare events and our own talented Paula turned them into a quilt! A practical gift for someone headed to the North Country in January! They even managed to work in a couple of old logo shirts that had my name embroidered on them!

I will miss this amazing team of people in Hartford, but am also excited about getting to Canton soon and working with all of the amazing people working to further GardenShare's mission of a food secure North Country.

I'll be seeing you all in person soon!