Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Real Food Media Contest

Another contest!

This contest is the project of the Real Food Media Project, a collaborative initiative using online movies and a web-based action center along with grassroots events around the country to spread the stories of sustainable food and farming.

The Project is especially excited to partner with School Ambassadors who are helping us connect with students who may be interested in participating in the Contest. Ambassadors are also welcome to screen the winning films on campus at the end of the Contest. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email the project .

New this year, there will be cash prizes for student films and underreported issues. Winning films also get a ton of exposure through distribution networks and Pop-Up Film Festivals (now happening around the world!). In addition, another several dozen new films will live on the website in our Film Library.

For more information and to enter the contest, visit the Real Food Media website. Deadline is January 5.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this one, also!