Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hunger 101 with the GardenShare team

Participants work on their budgets
Last evening, 20 people gathered for a Hunger 101 presentation, including GardenShare Board members, volunteers, and our staff.  Some of us had never taken part in a Hunger 101 simulation before and some were back for a second time and tried out a different role this time.

In looking through the participant comments from this session, it was striking to see the level of emotion reflected from this group of people who already know something about the issues around hunger.  Here's just a sample of the comments:

Applying for SNAP

  • I felt like I had a lot of the same emotions and feelings that someone in that situation would have - hope, frustration, embarrassment, failure, etc. 
  • The very uneasy feeling I got when interacting with the social services personnel - this is a powerful program to demonstrate that!
  • I didn't like feeling helpless!

Read more about Hunger 101 here and contact us if you would like to schedule a Hunger 101 program for your group.

A line forms at the food pantry