Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Fun Day at the Farmers Market

This past Saturday at the Potsdam Farmers Market was a great example of what people working together can accomplish, not to mention the power of volunteer energy!

Our Family Day at the farmers market began with an inquiry from Canton Potsdam Hospital, which had a group of visiting medical students looking for a community service opportunity. We love volunteers at the farmers market, but a group of 5 was more than we needed to process debit, credit and EBT cards! So we decided this would be a great chance to shake off the cold and rain with games and fun activities for kids. After all, farmers markets are really about gathering as a community and celebrating local growth!

Our friends at Cornell Cooperative Extension promptly took the challenge and provided lots of fun props and materials, not to mention a fantastic cooking demo. CCE Intern Jason can make some killer salad dressing!

Farmers market manager Jen and Gardenshare staff filled in some crucial loose ends, and with veggie costumes on loan from Jefferson County, we were able to provide budget friendly fun to about 25 kids. We hope to replicate these efforts at other county farmers markets as the summer continues, so stay tuned!