Saturday, December 17, 2016

12 days - 12 ways GardenShare is making a difference - day 4

We're looking back on 2016 at 12 of the highlights - GardenShare's own 12 days of Christmas.

For today, we're still excited about our Executive Director, Gloria McAdam, being appointed by Governor Cuomo to the New York State Council on Hunger and Food Policy.  This new Council was created to provide state policymakers with expertise on how to address hunger and improve access to healthy, locally-grown food for New York State residents.

The council has numerous goals, including developing new outlets for local food in underserved communities, and improving students’ access to free or affordable breakfasts and lunches in New York State schools. It also will work to ensure more healthy, locally-grown foods are used in school meals.
The council is comprised of state agencies, anti-hunger organizations, organizations with an interest in food security and representatives from the agricultural community.
All of us at GardenShare are pleased have Gloria giving voice to North County concerns and issues and that she can bring her thirty-plus years of experience to the table.

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