Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12 days - 12 ways GardenShare is making a difference - day 1

Starting today, this blog will be highlight a GardenShare success from the year 2016,  For the next twelve days, read about some of the highlights of the year!  Kind of our own 12 Days of Christmas!

First up, the 2015 Growing Community Award, presented in January 2016...

GardenShare honored Bob Washo and Flip Filippi of littleGrase Foodworks with the Growing Community Award.  Carol Pynchon explained in her nomination submission, “Bob and Flip are a force in the local food movement in the Canton area, and in educating people about the benefits of growing and eating locally.”  

“Bob and Flip both take the time to explain and teach with such patience and incredible knowledge,” wrote Jenelle Matthews in a separate nomination, “they both deserve recognition for their time and efforts, which they display to spread their 'growing' knowledge on a daily basis.”