Friday, October 28, 2016

Farmers Market Fridays

A guest blog post today from SLU student, Julia Callahan, who has been interning at GardenShare this fall, on the last day for the Canton Farmers Market...

"Fridays are for farming and the farmers market. After a morning of harvesting a littleGrasse Foodworks bounty for the Friday CSA share, I hop on my two wheels and head to meet Jen at the farmers market. I delight in the transition of a harvest morning into an afternoon of vibrant vegetable displays, the farmers who created it, and the people who come to interact with their farmers and vegetables. It is weekly reminder of the importance of the North Country Community.

"I have been working at the farmers markets on Fridays through a Gardenshare internship. My job is to convert SNAP benefits or debit/credit money into EBT chips or 5$ debit/credit coins. This transaction has allowed me to interact with many people who share in the same appreciation for the farmers markets. When you choose to go to the farmers market, you are choosing an experience. When you exchange money for a butternut squash or a bundle of kale, you are buying a dinner that will be thoughtfully prepared and very humbly eaten. Gardenshare allows for the farmers market to be a CHOICE and an option for people due to the doubling of SNAP benefits. Because of this, the market can be accessible to a spectrum of community members.

"I remember one day I turned to Jen after a pleasant conversation with a community member and thought 'No one is ever upset or stressed or rude at the farmers market.' This space, created by a community of farmers, volunteers, and community members who support it, fosters such a positive environment. I love when people come back to the tent, elated by a purchase of a quart of ground cherry tomatoes, or bag donuts, or some white raspberries and we can share in this excitement. I understand! I get excited about good vegetables too! These are a few of my favorite farmers market things!"