Thursday, May 5, 2016

One intern's experience at GardenShare

Lanika Sanders, a rising Senior at St. Lawrence University has been interning at GardenShare this semester.  Tomorrow is her last official day with us and we will miss her quiet and friendly competence in the office.  She had this to share about her experience:

Photo courtesy of  Tara Freeman, St. Lawrence University
"As an Environmental  - Sociology major, my classes at St. Lawrence have largely revolved around issues of unequal resource access. However, sitting in a chair and hearing about these theoretical concepts is entirely different than applying them in an impactful way. At GardenShare, I have been able to put my awareness to work, taking an active role in thinking up and enacting solutions to North Country food insecurity. 

"Despite having only been with the organization for a semester, the GardenShare staff have given me substantial opportunity to voice my opinions and ideas at weekly meetings, where I feel these thoughts to be valued and significant. Specifically, I have worked to promote and update the CSA Bonus Bucks program, which reduces the price of purchasing a community supported agriculture (CSA) share for those who feel this investment to be outside their budget. 

"I gained experience in writing blogs, contacting community members, using Excel, and other such skills. I saw firsthand the common obstacles to achieving goals in a small non-profit, most of which revolve around a lack of funding. For this reason, I have also realized how critical it is to be an efficient grant writer. 

"Although my time at Gardenshare is coming to a close, I see the connections and skills I have gained here serving me well into the future, and I certainly plan to remain an active participant in Gardenshare’s various events and initiatives throughout my time in the North Country."

For more information about internships at GardenShare, go here or get in touch with us.