Friday, May 6, 2016


Despite an improved economy and lower national jobless rate since the recession, every single county in America is facing hunger, according to a new report. Americans living in the most remote and rural areas suffer many of the highest rates of food insecurity — and also pay more for groceries, according to the research. More than half the counties with the highest rates of overall food insecurity are rural, and people living in rural communities also face some of the highest average costs per meal.

Food insecurity is cropping up in many U.S. households that are not living below the poverty level. In 167 counties the majority of food insecure children don't qualify for federal nutrition programs such as the SNAP. But these children are far from well-off or well-fed, and instead rely on churches, food banks and charities that sometimes are the sole source of food.

Source: CNBC, 5/5/16, Pervasive Hunger