Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for donors

As we count our many blessings this week, all of us at GardenShare are thankful for the people and organizations who give of their own time and treasure to support our work.

With a mission like GardenShare's - to solve the problem of hunger in St. Lawrence County - we need everyone in the community involved!

Why do people give to GardenShare?  Here are a few thoughts from donors:

"We are honored to support the work that GardenShare does for our local community.  At Jake's on the Water, we are proud to showcase fresh ingredients. Supporting our local growers and partners strengthens the area's economy and just feels right. As GardenShare works to make healthy food available to all, our commitment to our farmers works in tandem with that mission. Connecting neighbors, family and food- that is a recipe for a vibrant, sustainable community."  -Christine Compeau, Jake's on the Water

"The problems of poverty and hunger in our community are profound. I have long appreciated the work of GardenShare to  get at the root of these problems, and I think this small organization can make a difference for many of our North Country neighbors. Lending my time, energy, and expertise allow me to be a part of making that difference." - Carol Pynchon

"We love GardenShare!" - Dulli Tengeler, Birdsfoot Farm

Read about just a few of those donors here.

If you would like to donate to support GardenShare's work, go here.