Wednesday, November 25, 2015


228 million: The forecast for the number of turkeys the United States will raise in 2015. That’s down 4% from 2014.

841 million pounds: The forecast for U.S. cranberry production in 2015. Wisconsin Is estimated to lead all states in the production of cranberries, with 503 million pounds, followed by Massachusetts (estimated at 211 million).

32: Number of counties, places and townships in the U.S. named Plymouth, as in Plymouth Rock. The two counties are in Massachusetts (507,022) and Iowa (24,874). Plymouth, Minn., is the most populous place, with 75,057 residents in 2014. And then there is Mayflower, Ark., whose population was 2,345, and Mayflower Village, CA., whose population was 5,662.

4: Number of places in the U.S. named after the holiday’s traditional main course. Turkey Creek Village, La., was the most populous in 2014, with 443 residents, followed by Turkey Creek, Ariz. (412), Turkey City, Texas (396) and Turkey Town, N.C. (296).

Source: Census Bureau, 11/5/15, Thanksgiving Stats