Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Volunteers needed at Campus Kitchens

Every Monday you can find an eclectic mix of the St. Lawrence community at the Canton Unitarian Universalist Church between 5-6:30pm eating a meal put on by Campus Kitchens. People from local areas rely on the effort put on by students and volunteers to provide a well-balanced and healthy hot meal.

“It gives us the sustenance to keep going and allows us to be with each other”, explains Lura, Violet, Bob, and Larry, who consistently attend every community meal in the area.

Bill, another frequent visitor expresses his appreciation for what Campus Kitchens provides, “since I am in a poor financial condition, this is the only way I can get my meals and nutrition”.

Originating in 2010, Campus Kitchens began as a grant for a senior project, through St. Lawrence University, and has since developed into a well-managed and vital service to the community.

The University program operates year round, regardless of academic vacations. The program is executed through a balance of St. Lawrence students and community volunteers who come together to create healthy and delicious three course meals for individuals their families.

GardenShare has a grant through the State of New York's Volunteer Generation Fund and is working with Campus Kitchens to help recruit community volunteers to serve when the students are away.

These meals are free of charge and open to the public. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact SLU Volunteer Services at (315)-229-5135.