Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Report from the front lines at the food pantry

Heard Connie Jenkins, the director of the Church and Community Program in Canton, share the following about their food pantry:

  • Signed up 13 new households last month
  • Have already signed up 13 new households this month and there is still a week to go in the month
  • Summer is the busiest time for the food pantry and we're not even there yet!
I'm sure the situation is similar at other food pantries and free will dinners across the county.

How cam people help?  Volunteer.  Donate food or money.  Engage with organizations to find out what their greatest needs are.  And support related organizations like GardenShare.

Don't know where there's a food pantry near you.  Check this list.  (And if you find any errors, let me know, so we can update it!)