Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Online Community Food Systems class starts soon

UMass ONLINE summer class, STOCKSCH 385 - Community Food Systems, will start on May 22.  This 6-week class examines the movement of food from seed to table.  

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Participants in the course explore local and global food systems, and specific food related issues that impact health of communities. Among the topics we’ll cover are: 
  • examining the economic and political decisions that frame our food chain, 
  • direct marketing, 
  • commercial agriculture, 
  • processing, 
  • food justice, 
  • hunger, 
  • health, 
  • food security, 
  • school food systems and school gardens, 
  • Community Supported Agriculture, 
  • farmers’ markets, 
  • small scale farming and homesteading.  
At the center of this course is the examination of the opportunities and challenges required in making community food projects that create real lasting systems change.

All UMass Sustainable Food and Farming classes cost $482/credit and transfer to other colleges and universities