Saturday, April 29, 2017

Farmers Market season is arriving - can you help ensure that everybody eats?

Spring is finally arriving in the North Country and we are looking forward to those fresh, tasty, and healthy vegetables and fruits grown by our local farmers.  Bet you are, too!

But we also know how many people here in the North Country struggle to put that kind of nutritious and delicious food on their tables.

And we recognize how many area farmers are also struggling to build a successful business that will support their own families and contribute to the local economy.

Our core programs at GardenShare work to tackle both of those challenges at once! 

By raising money for our Bonus Bucks program which helps lower-income and working families purchase local food, we are also strengthening sales for our local farmers.

Dulli Tengeler of Birdsfoot Farm said it best.  “Last season we had about 45 CSA members and 10 percent of our members were Bonus Bucks recipients.  This year we are looking to increase our CSA memberships to 60 to 80 shares! Bonus Bucks will make it possible for more people to join our community!”

That’s truly a win-win.

Dulli also shared this story, “One of our repeat CSA members who has really become a staple member of our community almost had to give up their share last year because of affordability.  But because of the Bonus Bucks program provided by GardenShare they were able to keep their share and we were able to keep our community together strong.”

Will you consider a donation to support this work?  You can donate here.

Thank you so much.

One father’s story…

I just wanted to say that the Farmers Market SNAP incentive program has been a godsend thus far.  Normally, I wouldn't be spending my SNAP/EBT funds at a farmers market (because most of the produce is from slightly to much more expensive than the stuff you can get at the store), but with the grants it's been an excellent resource. 

My daughter and I have greatly enjoyed the higher quality produce and local meats (heirloom strawberries and tomatoes = so much better flavor than the supermarket), as well as the fresh baked goods on offer.  The value has been excellent, the staff extremely friendly, and it's been a pleasure supporting local farmers and producers.

Thank you all, from me and my daughter, Andrea.


You can make a difference for families like Jason’s!

·         $250 helps a family of five have healthy food by paying for half of their CSA share

·         $100 doubles the buying power at the farmers market for a young mother who relies on SNAP and helps her provide fresh local produce to her children

·         $50 helps a working family who makes a little too much to receive SNAP benefits get $100 worth of farmers market produce

·         $25 helps a senior citizen double the value when they shop at the farmers market

And your gift of any amount or your commitment of volunteer time helps GardenShare reach our vision for our community…

Healthy Food s Healthy Farms s Everybody Eats