Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New interns at GardenShare

A new group of interns has joined GardenShare in recent weeks.  Here are some thoughts from one of them...

"One of the biggest reasons I joined GardenShare is because of the work this organization do for people in communities. GardenShare is monumental because they cater to the village of Canton in the St. Lawrence County. St Lawrence County is an area where people have to sacrifice many factors in their life to have proper food. At times some people here don't know what is offers in a town like this in terms of food such as farmers markets for healthier options. This is where GardenShare comes in and educates the community on how to shop and eat better to live a longer fulfilling life. Besides spending my time at GardenShare, I love reading, writing, and researching community issues."

Fanta Conde
St. Lawrence University
Interning for 10 weeks