Thursday, September 1, 2016

New intern joins the team at GardenShare

Hello From GardenShare!

My Name is Julia Callahan and I am happy to be wrapping up my St. Lawrence career as an intern at GardenShare. In December I will graduate with a Degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Outdoor Studies.

When I arrived in Canton as freshman hailing from good ole’ suburbia Connecticut, I was unaware and unexposed to the infectious spirit of the rural North Country and it’s strong ability to spread localized impact. I was lucky enough to experience a dose of North Country Farm Culture, with Ann and Brian at Bittersweet Farm in the fall of 2014, and with Flip and Bob at littleGrasse Foodworks in the summer of 2015. Both of these farm-stays enlightened my understanding of the interconnection of land, community, and sustainability the North Country fosters. It was here, in Canton, that I fell in love with food (really, ask my mom). Access to and knowledge of local, nurturing food should be a right to all people. I admire the work of GardenShare to tackle the food system in a localized area, in order to conceptualize the broader global food system.

When I am not eating cabbage, I can be seen running around the streets of Canton, sipping coffee on the porch, exploring the Adirondack lakes in a canoe, picking veggies and flowers, planning the next time I will eat cabbage, and hanging out with my lovely friends, who inspire me every day.