Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alaska's food system - is it like the North Country?

Mark Winne, a leading voice on food system issues has a new blog entry about food issues in Alaska.  I was struck by the similarities to the North Country.  For example, try substituting "North Country" for "Alaska" in his closing paragraph (and ignoring the oil comment):

"How Alaska copes with its multiple food system vulnerabilities bears watching. Resiliency in the face of climate change will take on new and challenging dimensions in this highly exposed northern reach, not the least of which may be the hot, sweaty hordes escaping from the Lower 48. The lessons of oil, the lessons of subsistence, the lessons of the limits of human endurance, and the lessons of public policy that can be farsighted or shortsighted should not be ignored because they come from a place as remote as Alaska."

Read Mark's blog entry in its entirety here:  Roadkill Stew, Bad-ass Cabbage, and the Midnight Sun – Lessons from Alaska