Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Let’s reconnect…June is National fruit and vegetable month.

Put winter doldrums to rest and reconnect this month with freshness.  It’s at your fingertips this month with local farmers markets and roadside stands.  Meander around a market and see what looks good to you and take in the abundance of fresh food your local farmers have been putting their energy and heart into.  

Perhaps it’s the ripe strawberries you haven’t had since last June or the garlic scapes your friend loves to pickle, asparagus, or simply, lettuce.  Look for your favorites or try something different.  This could be your opportunity to reach outside the food “box” and discover something that may become a new staple in your home.   Ask questions when you’re at the market; the consumer/farmer connection can be quite encouraging. 

Eating fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be cliché…cook up some rhubarb-strawberry jam so the bright freshness can be yours deep into the winter months.  Take it a step further and reconnect with a friend or relative you just haven’t had time to connect with and ask if they have a worthy recipe.  The best recipes are the tried and true ones that get passed along.  Better yet, invite them over to help.  An afternoon of cooking and banter is good for the soul.  

Another option to do all of this while keeping your kitchen clean, is to take a cooking class together.  TAUNY, in Canton, is holding a class June 22-“Beyond Pesto, Creative Condiments with North Country Herbs”.  Call 386-4289 to sign up!

Take the time to cook.  Take the time to reconnect.

Written by Jenelle Matthews, GardenShare Outreach Coordinator