Thursday, June 16, 2016

GardenShare annual dinner - a reflection

GardenShare summer intern, Amanda, reflects on her first Annual Dinner and Silent Auction, held earlier this week at Jake's on the Water...

"There is some phenomenon about both preparing and sharing a meal with people you enjoy. At Thanksgiving after we carve the turkey, set out the cranberry sauce and test-taste the stuffing, there is a hurried scramble to find the best dark meat. Christmas calls for at least two of Grandma’s famous rolls piled onto already heaping plates. Simple summer barbeques are my favorite with mac salad, dill pickles, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, mixed vegetables and strawberry shortcake feeding the many mouths of our large family.

"I cannot eat a meal like those listed above without thinking about who looked like a chipmunk with stuffed cheeks at the dining room table, who whipped the mashed buttery potatoes, who burned the spicy Italian sausage or who skipped the meal altogether to swim in the lake instead.  As humans, we can separate neither food from people, nor food from memory.

Adirondack Fragrance, Inlay Designs, Gene Newman were 
just a few of our donors for the silent auction!
"This past Tuesday, GardenShare created a seventh annual memory at Jake’s on the Water at its annual silent auction and dinner. GardenShare staff and volunteers arrived early to set up the silent auction, and slowly eighty guests trickled in to share each other’s company. Clinks of glasses and twinkles of laughter filled the room as sponsors, donors, volunteers, friends and neighbors gathered in solidarity to make sure all residents in the county can have healthy and affordable food to eat.

"The event fundraised $6,000, which will go towards GardenShare’s mission of solving the issue of hunger in St. Lawrence County. GardenShare is a keystone organization, promoting both local food systems that produce the food who feed our community and programs that make buying local accessible to low-income families.

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"Thank you for joining us in a hearty meal that will eventually put another nutritious meal into someone else’s household. The dinner reminded me how fortunate the North Country is to have a unique crowd of individuals who band together for a common cause. Upfront on Tuesday, I witnessed how the people I broke bread with are interdependent with the community. One man I sat with is a full-time professor, a village trustee, a hunger activist, and a husband. This was the case of many people attending the dinner as occupations and passions mingled together over six different courses.  Hunger, approached locally, is a solvable issue. At GardenShare we say 'Healthy food, healthy farms, everybody eats.' Tuesday was a reminder of how strong and true that simple is to our community."

Megan Bowdish donated 120 tomato and pepper plants which were 
used as centerpieces and given to dinner guests.

Jake’s on the Water was the place to be this past Tuesday, 
especially with the warm sunny breeze on the back deck!

This unique presentation of food in a mason jar was filled 
with farrow, smoked mushrooms and pea shoots!

Behind the scenes with Executive Chef Josh, 
offers a peek of how he prepared the smoked mushrooms.