Thursday, June 30, 2016

About fundraising

When it comes to fundraising and charitable giving, the myths or assumptions are often far off from the reality of the situation.

Giving USA’s 2016 report was released last week and tells us that giving is up across the board, which is likely a sign of an improving economy and stabilizing incomes.  Americans gave over $373 billion dollars in 2015, breaking the record set in 2014.  Gifts from individuals still account for around 80 percent of total giving (includes gifts during the donor's lifetime and via bequest).  And, the biggest increase in giving came from individuals.  

So, clearly, the common assumption that it's all about the next grant from a big corporation or foundation is not the truth!

Religious and educational institutions receive the lion’s share of contributions, but health and human services, as well as public benefit charities, both saw increases of over 4 percent nationally.  GardenShare experienced some of this increase in 2015, particularly as it relates to individuals and participation in our fundraising events.

This info-graphic drives home some of the realities of charitable giving in the US and makes it clear why, if an organization like GardenShare is to succeed, it needs to develop a variety of funding sources, and especially donations from individuals!