Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer intern starts

Greetings! My name is Amanda Korb, a rising Junior at St. Lawrence University studying Environmental Studies and English with a minor in Outdoor Studies. I am ecstatic to be interning for GardenShare this summer for ten weeks!

Hailing from a rural town, one mimicking those similar to the North Country, I understand how in a smaller setting there is prospect for connectivity in the community. With that said, to think hunger issues are relevant only in far off places is easy. GardenShare is a concentrated bite of the larger conversation as they connect local farmers to families in the area. In this way, the issues of food insecurity, poverty, and job security are addressed using the unique bonds of the community. Everyone deserves a right to eat healthy nutritious food as well as know where that food originates!

In my spare time, I enjoy digging my toes in rich humus while boogieing to Paul Simon. You can also find me hiking ADK peaks, reading a Jane Austen novel by the river, or cracking corny jokes with my dad- who I strive to emulate each day (I once brought him to show-and-tell in second grade). Hobbies aside, I look forward to studying off the grid in a yurt village on Massawepie Lake this coming fall, exploring the way humans connect to nature and in turn each other. As it rounds lunchtime here at the office, I will unpack the cooler in my car (because my refrigerator is still in storage) filled with cantaloupe, trail mix, a baggie of mixed veggies, fresh blueberries, wilted spinach, a jar of peanut butter and a half gallon of orange juice.