Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Introducing one of GardenShare's interns

Did you  know that GardenShare has only one full-time and two part-time employeesy?  This small, but mighty organization gets so much done in the community that it may surprise you!  Lots of that work is done by student interns and volunteers and today's blog entry comes from one of those interns.

"My name is Dan Pollis and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University. When I applied to SLU, after having grown up in New York City, I was thoroughly aware of its geographic placement, that placement being in Canton, New York. I was very aware of the potentially culture shock I might face, but I was excited for the change in scenery and change in environment. Canton lies within what is called the North Country. The tip-top of New York State and the coldest place on earth, as some might like to argue. But for being recognized as such a distant community within the large borders that make up our wonderful state; I have felt nothing but welcomed and loved when living up here in the NoCo. 

"Since St. Lawrence County has welcomed me with open arms I thought I should give something back in return. This semester, my Sophomore spring, I signed up for a CBL class at St. Lawrence. CBL means Community Based Learning and my class specifically deals with civic engagement. In our class of 20 or so people we each, for the most part, have our own placements within our CBL class; mine being GardenShare. Nearing the end of January I first arrived one snowy Monday morning to the office of GardenShare just a few miles from Campus. 

"From the moment I first sat down up until this very point in early April I have had a constantly altering and growing list of tasks. Whether small or big, I always enjoy helping out the people at GardenShare. My time is valuable to them, even if I’m one of a few volunteers/interns who come in throughout the week. Since it’s a nonprofit, people who choose to spend a few hours a week helping assist GardenShare in raising awareness and fighting hunger are important towards living in a better world. Work will always be given to me every time I show up on my Monday mornings because I know fighting hunger is big fight, and organizations like GardenShare can use all the help from the public they can get; and I’m happy to be a part of this team. I have learned so much about the status of our nation and specifically the status of our county just from my few short months of volunteering. I’m excited for what the rest of the spring has to bring the team at Garden hare, and I’m ecstatic to be here."