Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Senator Griffo proposes making things illegal that are already illegal

State Senator Joseph Griffo (R) has introduced legislation to address what he sees as flaws in the system.  Griffo's proposal states that SNAP funds cannot be used at liquor stores, casinos, strip clubs, and tobacco shops. It also says SNAP cannot be used for tattoos and bail and limits the amount of the SNAP benefit that can be withdrawn as cash.

The strange thing about this proposal is that the law already prohibits the use of SNAP for these things and SNAP benefits can never be withdrawn as cash.  Griffo spokesman Rocco LaDuca  actually acknowledged to WJLA in Washington that current laws prevent SNAP funds from being used on non-food items.  

Why would a legislator waste his time and the taxpayers' money to make something illegal when it's already illegal?