Monday, February 22, 2016

National Cook a Sweet Potato Day is a website dedicated to national food holidays and fun recipes! According to their February calendar today is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. This bright root vegetable is an easy way to sweeten up any dish- breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The following recipe for Sweet Potato Hash goes perfectly under a fried egg. Enjoy!

You’ll need:

1 large pan and cover
1 large sweet potato (chop into 1/2inch cubes)
1 onion (chop)
1 bell pepper (chop)
1 cup sliced Mushrooms
1 cup packed with spinach
Salt and pepper to taste


Fry bacon to preferred crispness and remove it from the pan. Add sweet potatoes and cover until tender, then uncover. Add onions, peppers and mushrooms, cook until onions are translucent. Add spinach salt and pepper and cover until spinach is wilted. Uncover and cook till desired tenderness/crispness. Cut up bacon to preferred size and sprinkle them over the top!