Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Soil and Nutrition Conference: Nurturing Nature for Food Quality

The 5th Annual Soil and Nutrition Conference in Stockbridge, MA will feature two days of plenary sessions and workshops exploring relationships between soil health, plant health and human health.  Sixteen workshops scheduled Feb 8-9 will cover an array of best practices in regenerative agriculture including biological management and permaculture, with choices including:

  • Building a Climate Resilience Plan for Your Farm (Laura Lengnick, PhD)
  • Epigenetics and the Science of Nutrition and Lifestyle Change (Dr. Mark Pettus)
  • Fostering Soil Microbial Communities for Fertility & Plant Growth (Jill Clapperton, PhD)
  • Maximizing Small Area Production with “Crowding” Techniques (Will Bonsall)
  • Maximizing Seed Quality and Vigor for Better Yields (John Kempf)
  • Assessing Crop Quality throughout the Growing Season: Brix & Beyond! (Matt Kleinhenz, PhD)
  • Integrating Permaculture and Biological Farming for Small Plot Productivity (Jonathan Bates)
  • Proven Practices for No-Till and Low-Till Veggie Production (Dan Kittredge)
  • Be Your Own Soil Balancing Consultant: Soil Tests & Mineral Math (David Forster)
  • Soil Health Metrics for the Biological Farmer (Carmen Ugarte, PhD)
  • Mid-Season Corrections: A Guide to Foliar Spraying (Derek Christianson)
  • Prompting Plant Quality Changes through Soil Inoculation (Kevin Panke-Buisse, PhD)
  • Please visit for the complete program.
The conference plenary tracks will examine how a renewed focus on nutrition and flavor can have transformative food system benefits. Plenary speakers include: Phil Simon, USDA-ARS, U. of Wisconsin; Jill Clapperton, Principal Scientist, Rhizoterra, Inc.; Laura Lengnick, Consultant and author of “Resilient Agriculture”; Joe Scheerens, Assoc. Professor, Horticulture and Crop Science, Ohio State U.; Elizabeth Johnson, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center; Kathie Swift, Co-Founder, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy; Mark Schatzker, Author of “The Dorito Effect”; and Marydale DeBor, Founder, Fresh Advantage and Plow-to-Plate.

To learn more and register, please visit the conference web page at