Tuesday, January 19, 2016


SNAP participation averaged 45,368,348 people in October 2015, a decrease of 29.097 compared with September 2015, and a decrease of 1,114,275 people compared with October 2014. October 2015 marked the fifth straight monthly decline in national SNAP participation. In Connecticut, over 1,500 people left SNAP between September and October 2015, while nearly 5,000 people who received SNAP in October 2014 no longer participate, a 1.2% drop. Despite growth in SNAP caseloads since the Great Recession, about one in five people eligible for SNAP still are not served.

Source: Food Research Action Center, 1/13/16, SNAP Participation

This is evidence that SNAP is doing what it was designed to do - growing when the economy is bad and need goes up, and then shrinking again as the economy improves.  - Gloria