Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why do this kind of work?

As you may know, I worked for thirty years running a food bank in Connecticut.  People would ask me what kept me motivated and the answer was always people - both the people who need a little help and the people who offered that help.

Facebook's "On This Day" feature tells me that I received this letter six years ago on this date.  This is the kind of thing that kept me motivated, even against the odds.  I'm not quite a year at GardenShare full-time, but I know there are stories just as eloquent here in the North Country.  If you have one, I hope you will share it by dropping me an e-mail or go here to make some anonymous comments.


Here's the letter from six years ago:

Dear Gloria,

I received your request for me to renew my support of Foodshare, "although we have not heard from you in a while." The reason? I was unemployed for almost two years. My family supported me as best they could after all my savings were depleted. I called the church asking for help, they told me to call St. Vincent dePaul Society. I did. I cried on the phone with the worker. She tried to comfort me and tell me it was not my fault. She was going to bring me what canned goods were available for a vegetarian, but my mom said, "no," she would help me. I was desperate.

I finally landed a temp job, but by then, I was in a lot of debt. Eventually, I found a job. So, now I am slowly digging out of this financial hole. I don't wish this burden on anyone. The stress causes sickness, and when you have no insurance...

Thank God for you and the caring folks who have a clinic for people to go to when they need medical care. Even this is tough, getting there before they close (after work), but they saved my life.

Now, I don't have much to spare, but I want to help others who are caught with no money for food, clothing, the basic necessities.

God bless you for all that you do!