Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Food insecurity is an everyday struggle for some California State University students. Lacking the money to feed themselves properly, some students often worry more about eating than their grades. Cal State Long Beach recently received a $100,000 grant to study how each of CSU’S 23 campuses deal with student food insecurity and homelessness. Humboldt State University is helping food insecure students through Oh SNAP!, which has helped eligible students sign up for SNAP benefits since 2013. Last fall Oh SNAP! opened a campus food pantry to create better access to healthy foods for food-insecure students. Since its opening, over 2,000 students have visited the pantry. Starting this fall, about 100 students a week have been getting free fruits and vegetables at Oh SNAP!’s weekly farm stand thanks to a $5,000 donation to purchase produce from a local farm.

Source: The Lumberjack, 10/7/15, Hungry Students

(I recently heard a well respected St. Lawrence County resident say he had been on food stamps when he was a student! - Gloria)