Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Using Gardens to Teach

Using Gardens to Teach
Summer Institute for Educators
August 18th-21th

The summer institute is designed to help educators integrate gardens into their teaching. We cover topics in literacy, social studies, science, math, and nutrition, as well as build knowledge about sustainable agriculture, food systems, social justice, and ecological gardening practices. Join us for two to four days of hands-on learning!

At this year's institute, we are providing two days of instruction in garden-based curriculum for educators of youth in the primary grades (pre-kindergarten through grade 3), and two days of training in hands-on gardening and garden-building. 

Participants may register for two or four days. You may opt for two days of curriculum, two days of gardening, or all four days of the institute. Each day runs from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

August 18th-19th      Garden-Based Curriculum and Instruction
August 20th-21st       Gardening Skills and Garden-Building

Workshop Location:
Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Vassar Farm Lane,  Poughkeepsie, NY

Workshop Fee:
Two-Day program: $120 ($60 for City of Poughkeepsie Educators)
14 Professional Development Hours
Four-Day program: $240 ($120 for City of Poughkeepsie Educators)
          28 Professional Development Hours

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