Friday, February 27, 2015

TED event on food next week

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, the 5th annual TEDxManhattan, “Changing the Way We Eat” will take place in New York City. TEDxManhattan aims to raise awareness and educate others about problems with our food system. 
The goal is not only to educate ourselves but also to educate others. We truly believe that knowledge is power! This year’s event boasts a diverse array of speakers who are working to help shape the sustainable food movement, including:

  • Joel Berg, NYC Coalition Against Hunger
  • Dr. Robert Graham, Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Henry Hargreaves, photographer
  • Kendra Kimbirauskas, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project/Goat Mountain Pastured Meats
  • Nikiko Masumoto, Masumoto Family Farm
  • Michele Merkel, Food & Water Watch
  • Danny Meyer, Union Square Hospitality Group
  • Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank
  • Ali Partovi, Silicon Valley Investor
  • Stefanie Sacks, “Stirring the Pot”
  • Anim Steel, Real Food Challenge
  • Marcel Van Ooyen, GrowNYC
  • Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita, International recording artist

We will be webcasting this year’s conference live from New York City (approximately 10:30 AM - 6 PM EST) to provide access to viewers across our globe. We are encouraging individuals, groups, and organizations to host viewing parties of the event in their local community to initiate a conversation about the problems in our local, regional and national food system.

TEDxManhattan viewing parties must be free of charge to an audience of up to 100 people, show the webcast free of any advertising or promotion for sponsors, and follow TED’s guidelines regarding commercial and non-commercial venues. Though the conference is best viewed in its entirety, viewing parties in different time zones and hosts facing other scheduling issues may show just one or two sessions and still register as an official viewing party for TEDxManhattan. Visit our website to find out more about putting on a TEDxManhattan viewing party.

If you're interested in hosting a viewing party, please fill out the registration form so we can get you all the materials you need and connect you with others on our map who are hosting parties and working to change the food system!