Friday, January 23, 2015

Farmstands now included in federal nutrition programs

The WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides families receiving WIC benefits with special checks each summer that they can use to purchase locally-grown fruits and vegetables at Farmers Markets.  In addition, the Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program does the same for eligible low-income seniors.

The good news - these programs are being expanded to include farmstands!  Any farmer with a stand who is interested in being able to accept these checks does need to apply by completing all of the below documents (3 total application packages: the FMNP market application; the FMNP farmer application; and the WIC-VF application and agreement). 

The following links will provide the necessary documents:


WIC-VF Farmer Application Package:
             - WIC-VF Agreement:

FMNP Farmer Application Materials:

- FMC-6:
            - Crop Plan:            
            - FMNP Farmer Rules and Procedures:             

FMNP Market Application: