Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween scare

At Foodshare in Connecticut, my place of work for the last 30 years, we have a long tradition of wearing costumes to work on Halloween.  I have taken part in that tradition most years, with the highlight of my costumes definitely being the "Turkey Queen" - evening gown, sash, and tiara.  (Anyone who has been in the Hartford area in November in the last thirty years gets it!)

This year, I showed up at work in my usual cool weather attire, corduroys and a sweater.  But I was indeed in a costume.

At Foodshare, because of the large number of volunteers (4,000 last year!), we all wear nametags that look like this one.

Yesterday, I had on a nametag that looked like this instead.

One Foodshare staffer said it was the scariest costume of the day!

After thirty years, my upcoming transition from Foodshare is scary.  For me, for the people who work at Foodshare, and for many others in this community.  But as the days go by, I am more and more confident in this decision and believe that both organizations - Foodshare and GardenShare - will come out of this transition stronger and making a bigger difference for more people.