Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Food system issues...from Wyoming to Connecticut to St. Lawrence County

As you all know by now, I am moving back to the North Country, after living in Connecticut for the last thirty-five years.  Naturally, I'm still following food, hunger, and agriculture issues in Connecticut, especially while I'm still in transition.

I found this blog post, "Fueling Up in Cheyenne, Wyoming," on the CT NOFA website particularly interesting.

The author lays out some of what is wrong with our food system and agriculture policies in this country.  And the effects it all has on our health.  He lays out a good argument for why we should return to eating more buckwheat and less wheat, and even includes a recipe for buckwheat pancakes!

I look forward to being here at GardenShare full-time starting in January and working to address some of these issues at the local level.  And especially to being able to talk about these issues in a way that I cannot as the CEO of a food bank that relies on the food industry for donations of both food and funds!