Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coming home!

I'm Gloria McAdam, of the Gouverneur McAdam's, no relation to the cheese people (who spell their name differently, anyway!).

After graduation from Saint Lawrence University in 1979, my job search took me to the Hartford, Connecticut area, where I have been ever since.

But this poster, acquired at the old SLU bookstore back when I was a student, has traveled with me to every building I have worked in since I left Canton in 1979!

Though I've been away for 35 years now, the North Country has always still been home to me and I have often dreamed of returning.

Many factors kept me in Connecticut, including raising a family and a job that I loved for the last 30 years at Foodshare - the regional Feeding America food bank serving the Hartford area.  (You can read more about me and my time at Foodshare here.)

But children grow up - my youngest recently turned 21!  And sometimes, the time is right to move on, even from a job you love!

I'm so excited to be coming home to the North Country to become the Executive Director of GardenShare.  How often in life does a person get to take all you have learned over 30 years and bring it home to make a difference for people and a place that you still care deeply about?

I feel blessed and grateful to have this opportunity and although I won't be joining you full time in St. Lawrence County until January, I will be doing some transition work in the coming weeks and am looking forward to meeting so many of you who care about GardenShare's mission!

Feel free to be in touch...